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What’s Goal Setting

If you are not able to comprehend what is goal setting, you might be holding yourself back. So at this point, if you are not very knowledgeable about goal setting, or with setting a goal, you are possibly inquiring “What is goal setting?” I am glad you asked. Here is a demonstration of goal setting [...] Read more

Five Goal Setting Steps That You Cannot Miss

Many individuals have written down what they want on a bit of paper, but in the tip, they still fail to attain what they want. Does this mean that goal setting will not work? No, it’s not that it will not work, it simply that most people aren’t follow through the proven goal setting steps [...] Read more

Do You Have SMART Goals?

Whether it’s January, or any other time of the year, you must set SMART Goals. When you use the SMART goals process, you’re that much closer to achieving the results you want. While part of me had thought my past client might forget about the commitment I’d made to her regarding the half-marathon, I still [...] Read more

Questions About What Is Goal Setting And Why Is It Important

George asks… what does leadership mean to you? and why do you think itz important to set goals for ourselves? and one more question: why is it important to be a leader? admin answers: Leadership means to me as someone that has the strength and knowledge to represent a very responsible self worth and can [...] Read more

Goal Setting Software To Achieve Smart Goals

In order to build wealth and accomplish goals quickly you must set your goals smartly and effectively. If you do not have any goals to work towards, you can’t achieve them. The FiVibe Riches Creation goal setting software features an amazing goal tracker device which will help you achieve goals simply. Its goal setting system [...] Read more

Questions About Your Classmates Facebook

James asks… what could be the reasons do you delete someone from your facebook list? because you don’t talk to them or they are just there and they don’t comment in your wall? I have many people like that and rarely I see some comments from them? what do you do? most of them are [...] Read more

Questions About What Is A Goalie

Laura asks… Left/Right Handed Goalies? If a goalie is right handed will his glove be on his left hand and his blocker on his right? Or vise-versa? Is it like in baseball when you’re right handed you catch with you left, weaker, arm and throw with you right, stronger, arm? I know one goalie who [...] Read more

Questions About What Is Goal Of Occupy Wall Street

James asks… What’s wrong with Occupy Wall Street? I have a teacher who complained about it, saying “If people are throwing a fit about not getting money, they just need to go find a job; be productive.” But, for one, finding jobs isn’t easy in this economy, and not only that, but that’s not the [...] Read more

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Sandra asks… Couponing and saving money? I’m a stay at home wife (I’m a student) and would like to do things to save us money. I want to try couponing. I even went out and got a binder and start clipping away at the paper inserts, but….I never seemed to save any money because there [...] Read more

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Charles asks… Deflected goal in soccer? My team had a conner kick. My teammate crossed it into the middle. One of my teammates was running in and took a shot towards the goalie, but i was standing in front of the goalie. I picked my leg up and redirected the ball into the conner of [...] Read more

Goals On Track

Goal Setting One-On-One Video Program